Dear Parent,

We all know that science is an important subject that our children need to understand if they are to succeed in life. Especially now in our fast-changing, technology-driven world, scientific knowledge becomes even more important to making sense of our everyday realities and ensuring a rewarding future.

We also know that being good in school helps build our kids’ confidence in themselves.  This means, now more than ever, we need to do everything in our power to help our kids succeed in science. The earlier we can help our kids feel confident about their ability to learn science, the easier it will be for them to love this important subject.

A lot of people think that science is a difficult subject and a lot of parents usually leave it to the school and the teachers to teach this important subject to their kids, thinking they won’t be able to explain it as well to their kids.

I won’t argue that science can be a difficult subject – but only in the higher levels. But it is also the case that science is a subject that builds up and relies on fundamental laws and concepts. These fundamentals, which are introduced in the lower grade levels are much easier to understand. If we can help our children understand these easy and basic concepts in the lower grade levels, then they’ll have an easier time understanding the more complex lessons when they get to middle school, high school and even college.

The school and our kids’ teachers are tasked with the responsibility to teach our kids. But as parents, choosing to involve ourselves in the education of our kids can make a world of difference. It can give our children an advantage over their peers and a more comfortable and friendly attitude towards science.

More than understanding the concepts, our primary goal should be to nurture a love for science in our children. And realizing how people generally love the things they’re good at, by helping them in their science subjects, we can help them succeed and enjoy learning science.

Most children begin school with a great interest towards science. Being naturally curious and inquisitive, wondering about the world comes very naturally to a child. And because science is able to provide them with answers, they become inclined towards the subject. However, as children get older, this curiosity dwindles because the subject is slowly becoming harder, more complex, or more demanding. This is one of the causes behind children becoming disinterested at science.

Surprisingly, parents are not often alarmed by their child's disinterest in science. This is because while in the younger grades, children can still pass science even though they are starting to lose interest. It is usually only when children begin failing that parents take notice and realize that they have come across a problem. But by then, it could be too late.

Because it is the first bad grade that signals to a parent to act, the plan of action often comes too late for the child. They already have preconceived notions of science which can sometimes be difficult to change. This is why parents should take notice of their children's interests and disinterests in school all the time so as to monitor which subjects their children may need help with in the future.

The answer to this question is a resounding “YES!” And it’s not as hard as you might imagine it to be. With a little creativity and a little research, you can captivate and enthrall your junior scientist with the amazing things you can do with science.

If it’s so easy, then what’s holding up most parents from taking a more pro-active approach in their kids’ science education? We’ve asked parents what their view on science is and this is the list we got:

Science is difficult and hard to understand.
Parents think they’re not smart enough to teach Science.
Parents are afraid of making mistakes in front of their kids and not being able to answer their kids’ questions.
Science is a complex subject that requires complex and expensive experiments and equipment.
Science is boring. Children would rather play games than learn it.
My kids seem to be doing okay in their Science classes now.

It follows that if we ourselves view science negatively, this attitude will influence our kids’ attitude towards science. Aside from this, viewing Science this way can discourage parents from being more actively involved in their kids’ Science lessons.

Are these the same things that are stopping you from paying more attention to your children’s science education? If so, then I have good news for you! Read on to find out how you can overcome these obstacles.

There is no shortcut. If we want our kids to succeed in science, we need to actively encourage and support what they’re learning in school. If we want our kids to think that Science is cool and exciting, then we ourselves, need to discover the things that are interesting and fun about Science.

Teachers can only do so much. And with the average class sizes nowadays, it’s going to be difficult even for a good teacher to assess what each of her students are actually doing in class.

Children also have different learning styles. And a teacher will not be able to appeal to each one’s style. As parents, we can be more attuned to how our children learn. We are in a better position to assess what our children are learning and what they need further help on and respond accordingly.

These reasons are exactly why I’ve decided to put together a set of science ebooks designed to help parents re-discover science with their grade school age kids. My goal is to help parents like you learn how you can support your budding scientist and turn your kids’ natural curiosity into a love for science. Just take a look at some of the things that you will get out of this product:

Get the whole picture and find out what your children are expected to learn at each grade level (from grade level 1 to 5). See how each topic or subject is related to each other, and how each topic builds on what was learned in the past. This product discusses these topic in plain English, and shows you how simple these concepts really are.

Make learning science a bonding activity that you can do with your kids. Learn the steps to some easy and exciting Science experiments that you can do at home and help your children appreciate the concepts they learn in school in action.

There are many ways to get your kids interested in science – and having an active strategy or science policy in place will help you usher along his interest. What should you do if your child asks you something you don’t know the answer to? Are there non-traditional ways to make science cool and fun for your children? This product will answer your top questions.

Did you know that technically, a “solar eclipse” is impossible? Or have you ever wondered how Galileo actually figured out that the sun was the center of the solar system and not the Earth, without the technology that we have today? The stories behind these fascinating science discoveries will definitely inspire and captivate the imagination – yours and that of your little one.

If you can give your children an edge and prepare them for the lessons in school, wouldn’t you? Knowing in advance how lessons will progress will allow you to explain the lessons in light of future lessons. And giving your children advance knowledge of what to expect will undoubtedly help them become more familiar with the material and more confident in class.

We all know that science plays a big role in our lives, but do you know how to spot practical applications of the concepts they’ll be learning? Knowing how to do this will allow you to show how science is used in the things they enjoy or love. Giving them concrete examples will also help them understand the concepts more thoroughly.

Let me introduce to you the product that I’ve put together that’s designed to help parents and kids to discover a love for Science.

NOW, there's a product that parents can read and use to help instill in their children a love for science, and keep them from ever receiving a bad science grade! This product is easy to read and easy to follow!

It helps parents understand exactly what their children will be studying in each grade level.



It teaches parents how to develop in their children an interest and involvement in science depending on the grade level.



It explains, in plain English, specific topics that children will be tackling depending on their grade level.



It gives easy and fun experiments that parents and children can do together and learn from.



And, it helps create a special bond between child and parent by bringing them together through fun scientific activities!

This amazing product is a brand new set of five amazing eBooks called:

This series of five eBooks is amazing because it covers a lot of great information you as a parent will want to know about. This eBook series will help you learn how to use the information to help your child through their science classes till they are excelling all on their own! Each eBook is tailored to a grade level in elementary school. And for this series, you will get these 5 amazing eBooks:

Science and your First Grader
Science and Your Second Grader
Science and Your Third Grader
Science and Your Fourth Grader
Science and Your Fifth Grader

Just imagine being able to get your children to enjoy and love science, succeed in school and as a result, create a confidence in them to succeed in other areas of school without having to pay an expensive tutor or to invest in expensive specialized classes. Imagine being at ease about your child's academic standing because you know for a fact that they are doing well and will continue to do well. Imagine that you have a more open relationship with your child because of it!

Those are exactly what this brand new set of eBooks can do for you and your children! These eBooks will show you how you can:

get your child to succeed in their classes without having to get them involved in extra classes or paying a tutor to help them.
understand your child's science lessons without your needing to do extensive extra research.
make use of great and exciting experiments that you and your child can do together in order to better understand certain science concepts.
PLUS!! It provides an avenue for you and your child to learn new things together!

Now, you can have children who are interested and confident to learn science and will be able to achieve a great level of academic success! It will all be thanks to this product! “The Amazing Science Discovery Series: Experiments and Projects for You & Your Kids!” is packed with tons of information that you will need and can use in order to get your child loving science! From this eBook series you will learn:

What your child will be learning in their science class depending on each grade level.
How to answer your child's science questions depending on what they are learning.
How to get your child interested in life science.
How to get your child involved in earth science.
How to get your child excited over physical science.
Great historical science experiments that can pique both your and your child's interest in science.
Some ideas on themes when it comes to throwing a science party which your children and their friends will enjoy.
Specific scientific concepts for life science in each grade level.
Specific scientific concepts for earth science in each grade level.
Specific scientific concepts for physical science in each grade level.
Experiments that correspond with each of the concepts learned in the various sciences per grade level.
Extra experiments that you can do with your child.
How spending time learning science with your children can create a special bond between the two of you.
How helping your children with their science lessons can bring your entire family closer.
How to use the system to getting your children interested and involved in a subject in subjects other than science and help them succeed in all of their subjects in school.
How science classes slowly progress as your children advances grade levels, and what specifially gets focused on.
The benefits your child will enjoy when they love science and experiments, and develop a passion for learning.
How science activities can encourage your child towards advanced studying.
How a love for science will be beneficial to your children for the rest theie academic and professional life.

All of that is exactly why “The Amazing Science Discovery Series: Experiments and Projects for You & Your Kids'' is truly a bargain at

Why is this amazing eBook series so affordable? Simply, it is because I believe that science is our best bet for solving our planet’s greatest threat: climate change.  It is because I have faith that our children, given the right guidance and nurturing, are capable of amazing and great discoveries that will usher in an even brighter future for our world.  It is because I know that a lot of parents want to support and encourage their kids, but don’t know how to start. This series is here to give you a guide, a first step to re-discovering science with your kids.

I’ve also decided to publish this series as an eBook. This means that when you order it, you will receive it instantly via a downloadable digital format. This will get the product to your faster and more efficiently. It is also a more earth friendly way of sharing information. And because of the digital format I’ve adopted, the costs to deliver it to you are small compared to if it was  printed out and shipped to you via mail (which would raise the costs to at least $60.00!).


“The Amazing Science Discovery Series: Experiments and Projects for You & Your Kids'' is extremely worth every penny considering all the information you will be given, the understanding you will have towards your child's science class, and all the benefits your child will enjoy by developing a sincere love for science!

Just take a look at this excerpt from Book 3 of "The Amazing Science Discovery Series", under the discussion on Third Grade Chemistry:

"Sir Humphry Davy (your child will be happy to know) started out as a schoolboy who often found himself idle or bored with what was being studied, and was often punished in school. He was a child who had his own interests and pursued them with his own form of passion. One of his interests happened to be science and experimenting with different substances and mixtures he could find. He was given a lot of encouragement by family and friends, and because of this encouragement he went on to further the studies of electrolysis.

Through his work with electrolysis, Davy discovered several elements. He was able to use a simple battery to split elements and in doing so discovered the alkali metals known as sodium and potassium. Before Davy's work, people had believed these two to be the same. Davy had successfully proved them wrong. Apart from these two discoveries, he went on to discover barium, boron, calcium, and magnesium. He also discovered lithium as a source for battery power.

From the short list of elements above, we know that we owe Sir Humphry Davy a lot. Though he did not succeed in discovering or isolating all the elements (primarily because not all the elements can be isolated in this manner only), he pioneered the way for future chemists. What is remarkable about his scientific endeavors, though, is that he started from rather simple beginnings. When he finally became inclined towards science, he did not let failure get him down. He continued to work, always trying new adjustments here and there and eventually he became successful.

Following Humphry Davy's work, electrolysis has come a long way. The technique now has a variety of uses.  It makes batteries, can reduce the possible corrosion on metals, and is used to isolate certain elements in order to use their properties for specific purposes or to combine them with other elements just to name a few. It is also used by plastic surgeons for hair removal or skin renewal treatment. There are even home electrolysis kits available in the market today!

But that's not all, here's something else you will receive along with this series of five eBooks, which will make it the best investment you'll ever make when it comes to helping your child love science and science experiments:

This amazing bonus product, yours for FREE when you order your copy of "The Amazing Science Discovery Series", contains an overview for each of the three types of science your child will be studying in middle school. From this product you will discover:

What your child will be learning in science class for each of the middle school grades.



How these lessons are interconnected.



An understanding for the progression of middle school science lessons.



How these lessons prepare your child for high school science.



That getting your children to understand their lessons sooner than later will really pay off when it comes to their academic success.

Just imagine how great and easy helping your child in science class will be once you know all the information found in “The Amazing Science Discovery Series: Experiments and Projects for You & Your Kids'' Plus the bonus product 'Middle School Science Discovery Guide.' is yours totally FREE when you order the eBook set!

For just $32.00, which is just a fraction of what a professional tutor or supplementary class would cost, and the same amount of money you would spend on a magazine, you'll get information that can drastically improve your child’s academic success - PLUS more! But keep in mind that this is the only place where you can get your hands on this product right now!! (You can instantly download it here!)


Sounds good? Let me make it even better!


Because when you get your copy of "The Amazing Science Discovery Series: Experiments and Projects for You & Your Kids!," not only do you get the free bonus book, "The Amazing Science Discovery Series," but you also get another  eBook!


Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!

Yummy Healthy Tummy: The Secrets of Raising Healthy Kids Every Parent Needs to Know!


Apart from helping our kids excel in school, it is also important for us to get them to healthily. Make healthy eating just as fun as science will be for your kids! This easy to read eBook is filled with tons of information on how to stay healthy and how to eat right. And though it's geared towards kids, all the principles apply to adults too!

In this book, you will find:

  • Explanations and charts on what it is to eat healthily.
  • The essentials of good nutrition.
  • Why you don't need vitamins.
  • How to prevent obesity.
  • A guide to what you should have in your kitchen.
  • How to plan a healthy menu that will benefit the entire family.
  • How to eat healthily and save money, even while eating out!
  • How to eat at fast food restaurants, but still eat healthy!
  • And so much more!

Plus! Every copy of “Yummy Healthy Tummy” comes with a FREE bonus recipe book, called:

'The Kids Food Secrets Healthy Budget Cookbook: Recipes that are Great for Your Health and Your Wallet!'

which you will also get absolutely FREE!


'The Kids Food Secrets Healthy Budget Cookbook: Recipes that are Great for Your Health and Your Wallet!' contains even more healthy recipes that you and your family can enjoy! And if you have kids, they'll absolutely LOVE these recipes! PLUS, these recipes were all designed using a low budget, so you don't have to worry about expenses!

It also discusses:

  • How you and your children can work together in the kitchen!
  • How to go grocery shopping for healthy food so that it saves you money.

So what are you getting for just $35.00? You're getting FOUR amazing eBooks all for the price of one! That's an amazing deal!

Go ahead and get a copy of this series. With our 60-day money-back guarantee, you are guaranteed a product that you will truly love and that will truly help you and your children rediscover Science!

This guarantee is relatively simple. Within 60 days of buying this ebook series, you have the option to return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. That gives you two months to review the book, try the tips, follow the experiments. If you decide that it’s not for you, you can request for a full refund, no questions asked, no explanations needed. You don’t even need to return the book!

I’ve decided to offer this guarantee because I want to take away all the risk of this transaction. I want you to be confident that what you will be buying is information that will prove to be truly useful. I want this series to reach as many parents and as many kids as possible. My dream is to have more people enjoy, understand and love Science.

And so, purchase it, read it, and if you don't love it and learn anything from it, you will get your money back! If you don't love the product after having had it for sixty days, you will get your money back, and you also get to keep the product and its bonus.

So really, you have nothing to lose! Try the product out today! Download It Now!


Gabrielle Hunter


P. S.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to get your child into Science! Get your copy of “The Amazing Science Discovery Series” right now and start out on an amazing Science adventure with your budding junior scientist.  There’s absolutely no risk to you and just so much priceless value to gain!


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